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Helpful Resources

Student Support/Success

For every challenge you may experience as a student at UNCG, there is a student support office that can help.  Please reach out to any of the student support offices to help position yourself to succeed and grow at UNCG.

The Academic Achievement Center offers programs to develop academic skills, tutoring, and supplemental instruction.

Other useful academic resources include:

The Career & Professional Development office can help students clarify their major and career goals, find internships, and prepare for job searches.

The Dean of Students Office is committed to creating a culture of care by assisting any student who may be experiencing transition, academic or personal difficulty as well as any crisis or emergency situation.

The Counseling Center offers a wide range of services designed to support and challenge the personal growth, academic success and emotional health of currently enrolled UNCG students. The services may include: short term individual counseling, group therapy, workshops, crisis intervention, psychiatric services, consultation and outreach activities.

Student Health Services provide collaborative health care designed to empower students to develop lifelong skills that enhance their physical, psychological and wellness status in an inclusive and affirming environment and promote student success and retention. Contact this office for help with immunization and insurance verifications.

Office of Accessibilty Resources & Services  (OARS) can help arrange reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Military-Affiliated Services office coordinates services for veterans, active duty military personnel, and their dependents, serving as a liaison and advocate for military affiliated students, improving military-affiliated student success, and developing a sense of community between our military and civilian populations.

For any issues related to campus housing, contact Housing & Residence Life.

Additional services can be accessed through the Division of Student Affairs.

Class and Academic Standing

Class Standing is defined by earned credit hours.

Freshman status requires 0-29 earned hours

Sophomore status requires 30-59 earned hours

Junior status requires 60-89 earned hours

Senior status requires 90 or more earned hours


Academic Standing is determined by grade point average (GPA) and Satisfactory Academic Progress.

To maintain Academic Good Standing, students need to earn:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00
  • A minimum of 67% of their semester hours each term

For additional information regarding Academic Standing, contact the Students First Office.

Students can find their current overall GPA in the top right section of their Degree Works Report.

Students can calculate anticipated GPA on the GPA Calculator.



To learn about types of financial aid available, see Types of Aid.

Information on Tuition, Billing & Payments can be found  here.

For all questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid office.

For information on how to pay for textbooks, contact the Campus Bookstore.

See for options on campus parking passes.

Information about meal plans can be found here.


You can activate your new UNCG accounts by going to Information Technology Services.

If your account is set up, but you have forgotten your PIN, you can retrieve it it by going to

Here is the list of available software:

For all technology troubleshooting, contact 6-TECH.