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In addition to advising first year students, CASA staff assumes a wide range of services to the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS).  Our activities are listed below.

CASA advisors work with first-year and transfer students to help them understand degree requirements, plan for registration, and utilize Degree Works, Course Catalog, Course Search and Registration functions in UNC Genie.  We help students complete graduation plans and connect them with additional student support services on campus.

CASA assumes all CAS advising over summer months.

In addition to advising responsibilities, CASA advisors typically teach one class a semester.  CASA staff teach in the following departments:

Nancy Bucknall – English, Freshman Seminar Program

Caitlin Saraphis – History

Eleanor Cowen – Media Studies, Freshman Seminar Program

CASA staff participates in university committees that directly pertain to the CASA mission and responsibilities.

Advising Council – Nancy Bucknall, Chair

FMS Advisory Committee – Eleanor Cowen, member

Curriculum & Teaching Committee – Caitlin Saraphis, ex officio member

Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) takes place in June and January and is a large operation where all incoming students are registered into classes. CASA staff hires & trains CAS advisors for SOAR events, coordinates with SOAR planners, advises and registers incoming first-year and transfer CAS students.

Caitlin Saraphis is the primary contact for all SOAR related activities.

Fall Convocation takes place on the first Monday of Fall semester, and includes activities designed to connect students with their academic units and peers, share university traditions, and build affinity.  CASA is responsible for planning and implementing Fall Convocation activities specific to the College of Arts & Sciences.

Eleanor Cowen is the primary contact for Fall Convocation planning.

Nancy Bucknall live-tracks course enrollment during registration periods to coordinate with departments for adjusting course availability.

Advisor assignments occur most abundantly in the first weeks of each semester, but also require continual updates as student regularly declare major changes.

Ryan Ridpath is the primary contact for advisor assignment changes.

CASA staff works with new and continuing faculty advisors across CAS to help them implement best practices in academic advising.

Caitlin Saraphis and Nancy Bucknall are the primary contacts for new advisor training. Here are some resources from past trainings:

Students often need graduation plans as part of financial aid appeals and for general academic planning. Graduation plan templates can be found here.

All CASA advisors are authorized to review and sign off on graduation plans.

The University Registrar’s Office (URO) has created a form for advisors to complete to increase maximum credit hours for their students.  Once the form is completed, it will take around 24-48 hours to process. For assistance completing this form, please contact Ryan Ridpath.

Nancy Bucknall processes foreign language appeals.

Ryan Ridpath assists students in finding appropriate contacts to verify language proficiency.

Nancy Bucknall adjudicates grade and instructor complaints.

Each CASA staff member is responsible to reach out to their assigned advisees to inform and remind them of registration deadlines and invite them to schedule advising meetings.

Caitlin Saraphis and Ryan Ridpath are the primary contacts for College-wide outreach to students who have not yet registered for classes.

Ryan Ridpath manages surveys to solicit annual nominations for CAS Advising Awards.

All CASA staff participate in The Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA) professional advising association and campus advising groups for continued advisor education.

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