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Each year, CASA, in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office, issues two Excellence in Advising awards: One to long-term advisors, and one to advisors who have been at the university for less than three years.  Nominations are solicited from students and faculty across the College.

The advisors who win these awards:

• Are welcoming and active listeners to their advisees
• Empower students to be the architect of their own education
• Educate students about the strengths of their liberal arts curriculum
• Help students augment their main field of study with appropriate GEC/CAR courses
• Make themselves readily available for their advisees
• Advise accurately, and quickly correct any errors / misadvising
• Make students aware of resources and services on campus

Award winners


Veteran advisor: Jenni Simon, Communication Studies

Dr. Simon is a true mentor, role model, and support system for our students that they so desperately need. She is the point person and “chief” advisor for all major advising decisions and situations. She has also developed an outstanding peer advising program that enables our undergraduate students to provide peer advising and help the peer advisors gain invaluable experience working with others. During the pandemic, advising has become incredibly challenging at times, but Jenni has never wavered in her dedication to students.

New advisor: Plaxedes Chitiyo, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

Dr. Chitiyo is a one-of-a-kind advisor and professor. She sees her student’s potential and ensures that their interests and passions are reflected in their path, helping them meaningfully shape their education. She is a vibrant role model who makes herself readily available to listen, help, challenge ,and empower.


Due to the pandemic and the increased workload faced by advisors during this period, additional advisors were recognized this year.

Veteran advisor: Sara Estle, Psychology

Sara Estle works tirelessly to inspire students to accomplish their dreams and students appreciate her accessibility and calm demeanor.  One of her advisees describe her as “my Rockstar.”

Veteran advisor: Nicholson Sprinkle, CASA

Nicholson Sprinkle has a knack for making students feel comfortable engaging in conversation. As one of our most popular advisors, Nicholson is always happy to do what he can to help students reach their goals.

New advisor: Daniel Huebner, Sociology

Dan Huebner goes above and beyond to ensure students obtain a good and balanced schedule. He is responsive to student needs and has their best interests in heart.

New advisor: April Wright, Communication Studies

April Wright is known for her positive attitude and ability to reassure students as they navigate stressful situations.  She follows up with students to be sure their concerns are addressed.


Veteran advisor: Caitlin Saraphis, CASA

Caitlin Saraphis is a kind, detail oriented advisor who is well respected by her advisees. During her tenure as an academic advisor, she has acted as a mentor, teacher, and leader to both her students and her peers.

New advisor: Chris Jordan, CASA

Chris Jordan is a compassionate advisor who brings his authentic self to every advising interaction. His ability to listen thoughtfully and see students for who they are makes him stand out among his peers.


Veteran advisor: Aaron Allen, Geography, Environment, and Sustainability

Students have described Aaron Allen as an advisor who ‘puts them first’ and who ‘knows the program like the back of his hand.’ In his work as an advisor, he has repeatedly shown the CASA team a high level of initiative and concern for his students’ wellbeing. He emphasizes meeting with the students early and often to make sure they are aware of all the opportunities that they have during their time here at UNCG. This level of commitment to his advisees makes Aaron a clear choice for this award.

New advisor: Cristina Moreira, Biology

Cristina Moreira is seen as a ‘go to’ person for advising information for both faculty and students. In addition to her responsibilities as a Biology lecturer, she has quickly established herself as an empathetic and thorough advisor that we are excited to continue to work with. To say Cristina goes above and beyond for her students would be selling her short- you’d just have to look at one of the emails she sends out to her students to understand how thorough she is. We are excited to see the impact Cristina will have as she grows as an advisor.


Veteran advisor: Joyce Clapp, Sociology and Liberal & Interdisciplinary Studies

Joyce is a full-time lecturer as well as a full-time PhD student- all in addition to being a full-time advisor. Yet, somehow she still manages to be extremely accessible to her advisees, and is always willing to take on more work and contribute to students’ welfare. She contributes so much to the College of Arts and Sciences and is extremely deserving of this award.

New advisor: Brooke Kreitenger, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Brooke is an advisor who has been described by her colleagues as someone who goes above and beyond for her students and as someone who demonstrates the importance of foreign language in a liberal arts curriculum. She has also been praised by her advisees for her knowledge, initiative, and availability. We are grateful for her excellent work for the College, and are so very happy to present this award to her.


Veteran advisor: Robin Maxwell, Biology

In the College of Arts and Sciences, we are privileged to have many veteran academic advisors who go above and beyond to care for their advisees. Even though each year brings new challenges, these individuals are able to consistently guide their advisees through even the most difficult of times. We received nominations for many exceptional advisors for this category, and to say this was a hard decision is an understatement. Eventually, we did decide on one advisor. This person has consistently provided exceptional guidance since 1996. For over two decades, Dr. Robin Maxwell has been an asset to the College of Arts and Sciences and our students. We are not only proud, but grateful, to present this award to Robin in recognition for all of her exceptional work.

New advisor: Clay Stuart, Anthropology

Starting out as an academic advisor can be one of the greatest challenges a person can face. It requires not only an intricate knowledge of one’s subject material and curriculum, but also a sincere devotion to the well-being of each and every student who comes to you for guidance. While the demands can be high, there are several in our college who thrive in this environment. One person in particular exemplifies the compassion, effort, and attention to detail that is required of an academic advisor. We are proud to present this award to Dr. Clay Stuart.

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