Create a Graduation Plan


Before you begin creating your graduation plan, you want to get familiar with all of your degree requirements.  Further down on the page, you will see an outline of these requirements.  The video below highlights the easy-to-miss hour requirements: your overall hours requirement of 120 semester hours, and the semester hours completed at UNCG requirement.

The video below highlights the commonly-missed requirement of 36 semester hours at the 300 level of above.  If you do not have 36 semesters at the 300 level or above, YOU CANNOT GRADUATE.  In addition, your 2.0 GPA requirement is highlighted at the top of the page, below the 300+ level semester hour requirement.


In the Excel file 4-Year Plan template, fill in the number of credit hours you have earned from AP, IB, Early College, and/or Transfer credits. If you are a continuing student, include your previously earned and current courses at UNCG by entering the number of Semester Hours Applied from the top right corner of your Degree Works Report.

Use your Degree Works report to identify courses, course categories, and general education markers that you still need to graduate. They can be easily seen by the red “Still Needed:” message in the corresponding rows.

On the worksheet, fill in future semesters with courses from your “Still Needed:” items on your Degree Works Report. You typically need 15-16 hours per semester.

IMPORTANT: Your total number of required hours must add up to at least 120. If you fill out the form electronically, your total credit hours will be calculated at the bottom of the 4-Year Plan Template Excel document. Also, be sure to include at least 36 hours of 300 level or higher courses.

Steps to Completing Your Grad Plan

Pull your degree’s Graduation Plan based on your catalog year on the Graduation Plans page.

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