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Transfer Student Guide

General Overview

  • To obtain a B.A or B.S degree at UNC Greensboro you will need:
  • 120 credit hours
    • At least 36 of those hours are 300 level or higher coursework
  • Earn a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Meet all major-specific requirements.

Things to Know

  • To maintain Good Academic Standing, you must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and successfully complete 67% of your attempted credit hours each term.
  • You must have a grade of “C” or better for a course to transfer for credit at UNC Greensboro.
  • GPA from transfer credits do NOT count toward your UNC Greensboro GPA.
  • The maximum allowable transfer hours from a community college is 64 hours.
  • There is not a credit hour limit from a 4-year college or university, though you must complete at least 31 hours at UNC Greensboro to obtain a degree here. Also, 12 hours of major coursework must be completed in residence and 9 credit hours of minor coursework must be completed in residence.
  • Transfer students entering with more than 60 credits must declare and be accepted into a major prior to registration of their first term at UNC Greensboro.
  • Depending on your chosen major and the number of major-related courses taken before coming to UNC Greensboro, it could take longer than two years to complete your bachelor’s degree.

Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA)

  • The CAA is a statewide agreement between NC community colleges and universities that states that students with an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree from a NC community college have completed their general education requirements (except for foreign language proficiency requirement).
  • Associate in Applied Arts or Sciences and Associate of Fine Arts are not part of the CAA, and general education requirements are articulated per course.

Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement

  • At UNC Greensboro, the College of Arts & Sciences has a foreign language proficiency requirement that must be met in addition to the CAA. This language proficiency can be demonstrated in a language assessment or by taking a sequence of 4 language courses (101, 102, 203, 204).  Email for information on language assessments.
  • You cannot repeat a class for credit. If you re-take a class at UNC Greensboro for which you already have earned credit, the class will count as zero credit hours, though the grade will factor in your GPA. Also, financial aid will not pay for a class for which you have already earned credit.

Reverse Articulation

  • Students who have substantial community college transfer credits but have not earned an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree can complete their remaining needed classes at UNC Greensboro and transfer them back to the community college to earn that credential. This can be useful so that the CAA agreement may apply to help students satisfy their general education requirements at UNC Greensboro.

AP/IB Credits

  • AP credits must come directly from the College Board. UNC Greensboro does not process AP/IB credits from high school or community college transcripts.
  • An AP score of 3 or higher will earn college credit.

Transfer Credit Appeals

  • Some transfer credits may articulate as electives or non-specific departmental (000) credit.
  • To petition for a course to meet a general education requirement, fill out the Online GEC Petition Form
  • To appeal for a course to meet a major specific requirement or count at 300+ level, please contact that department for approval.
  • To contact Transfer Articulation Services please e-mail

Next Semester Advising

  • At UNC Greensboro, advising is required each semester. Early your first semester you will be assigned an advisor in your major department. You should plan on seeing this advisor soon after Fall Break for advising for Spring 2020.
  • To look up your advisor, log into UNCGenie and under the Student tab > Registration > Look up advisor.


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