Majors in the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences has a wide variety of majors to choose from. For a complete listing of UNCG majors and degree requirements, please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Below is a list of Arts & Sciences majors with links to course information per department. The majors with the * next to them have an option for high school teacher licensure.

Degree Major Subject Links
BA African-American and African Diaspora Studies
BA Anthropology *
BA Archeology
Classical Archeology is a concentration in the Classical Studies department. This major is designed for students who plan to pursue graduate work in Classical Archeology.There is also a Special Program in Liberal Studies (SPLS) major with a concentration in Archeology.
BA, BS Biology *
BA, BS Chemistry *
BA Classical Studies * Concentrations include: Classical Language and Literature, Classical Civilization, Classical Archeology. Teacher Licensure for Latin.
BA Communication Studies
BS Computer Science
BA English *
BA Environmental Studies Special Programs in Liberal Studies, concentration in Environmental Studies
BA French *
BA Geography *
BA German
BA History *
BA Integrated Science * Special Programs in Liberal Studies, concentration in Integrated Science
BFA Interior Architecture
BA International and Global Studies Special Programs in Liberal Studies, various concentrations|

General Studies concentrations include International and Global Affairs and Development, International and Global Arts and Belief Systems, International and Global Human Rights.Regional Studies concentrations include Asian Studies, Latin America and Caribbean Studies, Russian Studies.
BA Liberal Studies, Humanities or Social Sciences Programs Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies are online degrees only.
BA, BS Mathematics *
BA Media Studies
BA Philosophy
BA, BS Physics *
BA Political Science * Political Science Major
BA Psychology *
BA Religious Studies
BA Sociology *
BA Spanish * Spanish Major
BA Women and Gender Studies