Advisors guide you in formulating your educational plans, help you to translate your goals, interests, and career aspirations into an effective education. Your advisor will help you understand the academic requirements that give structure to your study. If you are an undeclared student your advisor will be assigned through the Students First Office. In your first several semesters, meet with your advisor regularly to plan each semester’s academic program and to explore how your interests can lead to the choice of a major and even a career.

During the semester you will receive an email from your advisor detailing the dates and times that advising will be available. As a general rule it is recommended that you meet with your advisors ‘early and often.’ While you will not register for classes for the next semester until past the mid-way point of the current semester, setting up an appointment early will help you beat the rush that occurs right before registration. In addition, meeting early opens up the possibility of exploring ideas such as second majors, study abroad, or customizing your GEC/CAR requirements without having to worry about being rushed.

No. While we have pre-professional programs they are to be adopted in conjunction with a major, not in place of a major. The pre-professional programs are a list of courses that prepare you for progression into any of these fields. While you can be in any pre-professional program with any major, there are certain combinations that more easily meet the pre-professional requirements such as Biology and pre-medicine. For some of the pre-professional programs, you may be required to transfer to a different university to complete your studies. Make sure to let your advisor know early about your interest in these programs.

A list of majors is available in the university catalog. The Career Services Center offers interest inventories to see what majors correspond with your interests and your advisors can help with your choices.

To declare your major you simply need to visit the UNCG Change of Major/Minor Form and enter the information and hit submit. You can find the form online here. Another option is to visit the Registrar’s Office in person and request a change. Typically it takes several business days for the change to take place.

You choose your classes based on your DegreeWorks in consultation with your advisor.

A full load of courses (14-16 hours) are recommended for the first semester. In order to graduate in four years a students needs to average 15 credits or more a semester.

During your transfer advising, you may already have a DegreeWorks account which will show you what credits have transferred into UNCG and what requirements for graduation still remain. If your DegreeWorks has not yet been activated your advisor will look at your transcripts with you to determine what courses meet what requirements at UNCG. If you are transferring to UNCG with an Associate’s Degree the majority of your General Education requirements (GEC/CAR) maybe be taken care of already. Make sure to speak to your advisor if you have an Associate’s Degree!

The requirements for your degree are listed in your DegreeWorks. DegreeWorks information can be found here.

You must complete a minimum of 1 GN (Global-Nonwestern) course and 3 other GL (Global) or GN courses. These courses will be flagged as GL or GN in the class schedule search and the course catalog. These courses focus on perspectives from various geographical areas and cultures. You can search for courses with these markers by identifying Course Category in your Course Offerings search, and course markers are included in the Categories column of a course search.


Yes, but if you take more than one semester off (not including summer), you will need to reapply for admission to UNCG.

A detailed guide for DegreeWorks can be found here.

You can find a PDF of our graduation plan and a short video of how to use it here. Make sure to schedule an appointment with your advisor on Starfish as you fill this out so that you can make you that all of your requirements are met in your plan.

CASA generally has walk-in appointments for the first week of classes each semester. To meet with your at advisor at any other time you will need to make an appointment with them via Starfish.

Yes. In order to graduate with an undergraduate degree, you must choose and complete a major.

Yes! Simply follow the same steps listed above for declaring a major. You can also add majors and/or minors this way.

You can check your AP or IB scores and how they will transfer here.

While the major course of study provides in depth study of a discipline and prepares students to pursue specific careers, General Education creates a common intellectual experience that not only prepares students for a rich and satisfying life, but also supplements their knowledge with skills that are highly sought after by employers. Communication, critical thinking, and leadership ability are often cited as the key skills employers seek in new hires. In addition, General Education helps students discover the connections among various fields of knowledge and fosters an appreciation of the natural world and the many diverse expressions of human imagination and ingenuity, today and in the past.

The Financial Aid Office has a website with information and methods of contact here: Financial Aid Office

For any computer or technical issues on campus, contact ITS.


You can find an application for graduation here.

Freshman status requires 0-29 credit hours
Sophomore status requires 30-59 credit hours
Junior status requires 60-89 credit hours
Senior status requires 90 or more credit hours

The UNC Greensboro Course Catalog is the essential tool for your college career and can be viewed here. Course pre-requisites, co-requisites, semesters offered, and a brief description of courses are available.

Students at UNCG can drop 16 credit hours worth of classes during their career at UNCG. However, students must complete 67% of the hours that they attempt at the beginning of each semester.

The Career Center (#1 EUC) can help by providing information on numerous jobs available for any given major. You are also encouraged to get experience prior to graduation through internships and volunteering.

You can calculate your GPA here.

CASA is located in 103 Julius Foust Building, 1010 Administration Drive, Greensboro, NC.

The building is at the corner of Spring Garden and College Avenue and directly across from the Ferguson Building. It is not the same building as the Mary Foust Building!

You activate your account by going to Information Technology Services and selecting ‘activate my accounts.’

Here is a list of software available for students at UNCG: Software

A list of tuition and fees can be found here.