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Why Do I Need an Academic Advisor?

Advisors guide you in formulating your educational plans, and help you to translate your goals, interests, and career aspirations into an effective education. Your advisor will help you understand the academic requirements that give structure to your study. If you are an undeclared student your advisor will be assigned through the Students First Office.  In your first several semesters, meet with your advisor regularly to plan each semester’s academic program and to explore how your interests can lead to the choice of a major and even a career.

When should I see my advisor?

During the semester, you will receive an email from your advisor detailing the dates and times that advising will be available.  As a general rule, however, it is recommended that you meet with your advisor ‘early,’ and ‘often.’  While you will not register until past the mid-way point of the semester, setting up an appointment early will help you beat the rush that occurs right before registration.  In addition, meeting early opens up the possibility of exploring ideas such as second majors, study abroad, or customizing your GEC/CAR requirements without having to worry about being rushed.

Who is my advisor?

You can find your advisor via Degree Works, in the top section above your GPA.

Can I take a semester off from school and return?

Yes, but if you take more than one semester off you will need to reapply for admission to UNCG.

What is Degree Works and how does it work?

A detailed guide for Degree Works can be found here:

How can I make a four year graduation plan?

You can find a pdf of our graduation plan and a short video on how to use it here .  Make sure to schedule an appointment with your advisor as you fill this out, to make sure that all of your requirements are met in your plan!

How do I apply for graduation?

You can find an application for graduation here

When are walk-in appointments at CASA?

CASA generally has walk-in appointments for the first week of classes each semester.  To meet with your advisor at any other time, you will need to make an appointment via Starfish.


How many semester hours do I need to be a FR, SO, JR, SR?

Freshman status requires 0-29 units

Sophomore status requires 30-59 units

Junior status requires 60-89 units

Senior status requires 90 or more units

Do I have to have a major?

Yes. In order to graduate with an undergraduate degree, you must choose and complete a major.

Is pre-med/vet/dental/engineering/law/physical therapy/etc. a major?

No.  While we have pre-professional programs, they are to be adopted in conjunction with a major, not in place of it.  The pre-professional programs are a list of courses that prepare you for progression into any of these fields.  While you can be in any pre-professional program with any major, there are certain combinations that more easily meet the pre-professional requirements, such as Biology and pre-medicine, and Physics and pre-engineering.  For some of the pre-professional programs, you may be required to transfer to a different university to complete your studies.  Make sure to let your advisor know early about your interest in these programs.

I can’t decide what to major in.

A list of majors is available in the university catalog. The Career Services Center offers interest inventories to see what majors correspond with your interests, and your advisors can help with your choices.

How do I declare a major?

To declare your major you simply need to visit the proper online major change form and enter the information.  For the College of Arts and Sciences, Health and Human Services, the School of Education, and the School of Nursing, click here.  For the Bryan School of Business, click here.  Another option is to visit the registrar’s office in person and request a change.  Typically, it takes seven business days for the change to take place.

Can I change my major/minor?

Yes!  Simply follow the same steps listed above for declaring a major.  You can also add majors and/or minors this way.

How do I choose my classes?

Spartan Orientation and Registration (SOAR) is the optimal way to get advising and help with choosing classes from faculty and professional advisors.  There are SOAR dates available for students entering in both Fall and Spring semesters.  If you are not able to attend SOAR, then Academic advising and advisors within your major can help design your schedule.

How many courses should I take my first semester?

A full load of courses (14-16 hours) are recommended for the first semester. In order to graduate in four years a student needs to average 15 credits or more a semester.

How do my AP test scores count?

You can check your AP or IB scores and how they will transfer here.

How do I know what requirements I have already satisfied?

During your transfer advising, you may already have a Degree Works account set up, which will show you what has transferred in so far and what requirements you have left.  If your Degree Works report is not set up yet, your advisor will look at your transcripts with you and determine what courses will likely be met.  If you are transferring in with an Associate’s Degree, the majority of your General Education Requirements (GEC/CAR) may be taken care of already.  Make sure to speak with your advisor about this!

What requirements do I need to fulfill in order to graduate?

The requirements for your degree are listed in your Degree Works.  For information on how to access and understand your Degree Works, access this link:

What is the GL/GN requirement?

You must complete a minimum of 1 GN (Global-Nonwestern) course and 3 other GL (Global) or GN courses.  These courses will be flagged as GL or GN in the class schedule search and the course catalog.  These courses focus on perspectives from various geographical areas and cultures. You can search for courses with these markers by identifying Course Category in your Course Offerings Search, and course markers are included in the Categories column of a course search.

What is the WI/SI requirement?

In the College of Arts and Sciences, all majors must complete four Writing Intensive (WI) courses during your time at UNCG, one of which must be at the 300 level or above.  You must also complete two Speaking Intensive (SI) courses at any level.  Many majors require a WI and SI course to be taken from that major, which can overlap with the overall requirements.

What is the Foreign Language Requirement/GFL requirement?

In the College of Arts and Sciences, the Foreign Language (GFL) requirement is intermediate-level proficiency in a language.  This equates to passing the 204 level of any language course.  If you begin at the basic level of language at UNCG, this means that you should plan for four semesters’ worth of language.  If you are already proficient in a language other than English contact CASA to explore options about having this requirement waived.  If you have this requirement waived, you will not receive semester hour credit.

What GPA do I have to maintain?

In order to avoid academic probation and/or suspension, you must attain: at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and at least a 2.0 in courses required for the major.  Some majors may have additional GPA requirements, they are described in each major program description.  In addition, most classes with prerequisites require that you obtain a C or better in the prerequisite course to proceed.

This varies by department and major.  The GPA requirement for your degree will be listed in your Degree Works under your major requirements.

Why am I taking General Education classes?

While the major course of study provides in depth study of a discipline and prepares students to pursue specific careers, General Education creates a common intellectual experience that not only prepares students for a rich and satisfying life, but also supplements their knowledge with skills that are highly sought after.  Communication, critical thinking, and leadership ability are often cited as the key skills employers seek in new hires.  In addition, general Education helps students discover the connections among various fields of knowledge and fosters an appreciation of the natural world and the many diverse expressions of human imagination and ingenuity, today and in the past.


How do I find out what classes are available?

Classes can be found online through UNCGenie’s homepage under the ‘Class Schedule’ link.  There, you can see courses’ five digit CRN numbers, days and times, professors, what general education requirements (GEC/CAR) the course meets, and the number of seats remaining.  The five-digit CRN number will be needed to register for the course in UNCGenie.

What does “R” stand for in the Class Schedule?

“R” represents Thursday in the Class Schedule.

How do I access the Course Catalog?

The University catalog is the essential tool for your college career and can be viewed on UNCGenie’s homepage under ‘Course Catalog.’  Course pre-requisites, co-requisites, semesters offered, and a brief description are available.

When do I register for classes?

Find your registration period by checking your registration status in UNCGenie.  Access it by entering the secure area -> click on the student tab -> Registration -> check your registration status -> select the term you will be registering for ->check your registration status.

How do I know what classes to take?

Find your registration period by viewing the registration timetable or check your student center within your portal for your enrollment date.

How do I register for classes?

Make sure you have access to your UNCGenie (know your student ID AND six-digit PIN number).  Make an appointment with your advisor to go over your schedule and receive your advising code.  You will  not be able to register without your advising code.  Log into the secure area on UNCGenie-> click the student tab-> click registration -> click add/drop classes-> select the term-> enter advising code -> enter CRNs.

Click here to see a step-by-step video of the process.

Will I be dropped from a class if I stop going?

It is always the student’s responsibility to drop a class. If a student stops going to a course the instructor will likely not drop them from a course.  Many departmental policies state that after a certain number of absences, students’ grades will be automatically lowered to an ‘F.’

Withdrawing for a class

After the initial add/drop period during the first week of the semester, students may no longer drop a class penalty free.  They may, however, still withdraw from the class until a set date mid-semester.  Withdrawing from a class before the final day to withdraw free will not impact the student’s GPA.  There will simply be a ‘W’ on the academic transcript.  The exact last date to withdraw is listed in the academic calendar for that semester, which can be found hereStudents may only withdraw from 16 credit hours during their undergraduate career.

If a student chooses to withdraw after the date listed in the academic calendar, they will receive a ‘WF’ on their transcript, which will impact their GPA as if they received an ‘F’ in the course.

How many classes can I drop?

Students at UNCG can drop 16 hours worth of courses during their career at UNCG. However, students must complete 67% of the hours that they attempt at the beginning of the semester.

What is the drop/add period, and how is dropping a class different from withdrawing from a class?

The add/drop period typically during the first week of each semester.  This allows students to change their schedule penalty free as they get a feel for the courses, their times, and their locations on campus.  Dropping a class during this period does not impact your grade or take away from your 16 hours that you may withdraw from.

Why can I not sign up for classes?

There are several possible reasons for not being able to sign up for classes. First, if it is not during the Add/Drop Period, double check if it is your scheduled registration period. Second, check on UNCGenie to see if there are any holds on your transcripts. Third, has the tuition deadline passed and you haven’t paid your fees? These are all possible reasons for not being able to sign up for classes. For further information come in or call CASA.


How do I get a tutor?

The Division of Student Success offers a wide variety of student supports, including tutoring, study skills assistance, workshops and more. For more information, go to

Is it important to get to know professors? What are office hours for?

It is always useful to get to know your professors. Professors keep office hours, and the times and locations will be on your syllabus, usually distributed on the first day of class. Office hours are a good time to discuss ideas generated in class, to clarify assignments, and to share common enthusiasms with professors. Eventually, you may well be asking professors for letters of recommendation, and strong, specific letters require that your professor know you as well as your work.

What jobs, internships, and opportunities are available for this major?

The Career Center (#1 EUC) can help by providing information on numerous jobs available for any given major. You are also encouraged to get experience prior to graduation through internships and volunteering.

How do I calculate my GPA?

How do I find scholarships?

A list of scholarships and information about them can be found here.

Academic Standing

A detailed description of academic standing and what each category means is detailed here.


Where is CASA?

CASA is located in 103 Julius Foust Building, 1010 Administration Drive, Greensboro, NC.

The building is at the corner of Spring Garden and College Ave, and directly across from the Ferguson Building.  It is not the same building as Mary Foust!

How do I set up my UNCGenie and email accounts?

You activate your account by going to Information Technology Services and selecting activate my accounts.

Financial Aid

The financial aid office has a website with information and methods of contact here:

My computer is broken/I can’t access UNCGenie/I can’t connect

For any technical issues, contact 6-tech.

Software at UNCG

Here is the list of available software:

How much does it cost to go to UNCG?

The list of tuition and fees costs can be found here.

How do I order books? has options for purchasing and renting your textbooks, and can be searched by class and section. After you register for your classes in UNCGenie you will also have a “Buy Books” link that will take you to the UNCG Bookstore.

How do I find out where my classes will be held?

In UNCGenie’s secure area, click the ‘student’ tab, then ‘registration,’ then ‘student schedule by day and time.’  This will provide a printable schedule that highlights each class’ time and location.

UNCG map?

A printable map can be found here.

Resources for LGBTQ++ students/wellness resources on campus

Information about resources and community outreach is available here.

Parking at UNCG
Visit for any questions related to parking and parking passes.

International Students

If you are an international student with questions, you may want to stop by 203 Julius Foust building, where the International Office is located.

Academic Appeals

The Students First Office has information on academic appeals and how they are handled:

How long am I advised by CASA?

Typically, you will receive an advisor in your major once you surpass 29 credit hours.

How do I access Canvas and what is it?

Canvas is an online hub for your professors to post assignments, grades, and announcements.  You can log into Canvas using the same username and password as your UNCG email account.

What is Starfish?

Information on what Starfish is and how it can help you are found here.

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