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How to Register: a Quick Guide

All of your registration will be handled through UNCGenie.  In order to register, you will need three things.

  1. Your nine-digit student ID (88XXXXXXX) and six-digit pin number necessary to log into the secure area of UNCGenie.
  2. The five-digit CRN numbers of the courses you plan to take next semester.
  3. Your advising code, which will be provided to you by your academic advisor.  Some majors will receive their code from their department’s advising center.

Your student ID was assigned to you when you were accepted to UNCG, and you selected your pin number when you set up UNCGenie account.  If you need your pin, you can use or contact 6-TECH for assistance at 336-356-8324.

The CRN numbers may be found from the class schedule search on UNCGenie’s homepage.

The class schedule will allow you to search by term, subject, and GEC/CAR categories.  Your Degree Works will show you what courses and categories you need to take.  A guide on how to use Degree Works can be found here.

Your advisor will provide you with your advising code once you have both confirmed that the selected courses are appropriate.

Once you have all three steps completed, you can log into your UNCGenie’s secure area, click on the ‘student’ tab, and then select ‘Add/Drop Classes.’  Select the semester you would like to register for, then enter your advising code.

Finally, enter the CRN numbers into the text boxes at the bottom of the add/drop page. Once you press submit, this will register you for your courses.