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Foreign Language Appeal Process

Petitions for exemption from the foreign language requirement will be considered only in the most exceptional circumstances when an otherwise qualified student has submitted evidence that the Modified Foreign Language Program in Spanish cannot provide appropriate accommodations for his or her disability or language-learning difficulty. In very rare cases, a substitution for the 203 and/or 204 level of a foreign language may be considered.

The following reasons do not merit an appeal:

  • Change of major from a professional school to the College of Arts and Sciences, or change within the College of Arts and Sciences from a B.F.A. to a B.A. degree
  • Concerns about grade point average (GPA)
  • Dislike of the requirement
  • Failure to plan adequately for the graduation timeline, including interruptions of the foreign language sequence that make future foreign language success more difficult
  • Failure to succeed in a single course
  • Misunderstanding of the degree requirements
  • Differences in General Education requirements between the College of Arts and Sciences and previously attended institutions
  • Waivers or substitutions offered by previously attended institutions

The following document outlines the instructions you need to follow. The Student Request Form and the Faculty Information Letter are provided for your convenience. Please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center at 336-334-4361 for further information.