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STEM major reources

Which Math Should I Take?

Biology majors should take calculus classes specifically designed for BIO majors:

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Physics majors must take the Calculus sequence. To determine where best to start in the sequence, they must take the Calculus Diagnostic Test: 

Depending on their score, students may place into one of the following combinations of courses:

Geography, Environment, and Sustainability majors will either need the Calculus sequence (see above) or STA 108: Elementary Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Recommended Major/Minor Combinations

Students can explore possible minors by looking in the University Catalog.  Select Find a Program, and then select Program Type: Minor from the filter options in the right-hand side of the screen.

In general, most STEM majors have very few electives, so it can be challenging to add a minor or second major and still finish in four years.  Here are some common combinations that can be completed in a reasonable time-frame:

  • Biology (BS) majors are encouraged to add a minor in Chemistry, which requires only one additional upper level CHE class beyond what is required for their major.
  • Biochemistry majors are encouraged to add a minor in Biology which requires only one additional upper level BIO class beyond what is required for their major.
  • Chemistry majors can minor in Biology, Mathematics, or
  • Computer Science majors can minor in Mathematics with careful planning.  If you are interested in this, please speak with your advisor.

Keep an eye on CASA’s social media (facebook | twitter) throughout the summer for more information on majors and minors.

Resources to help you do well in your classes

The Academic Achievement Center offers programs to develop academic skills, provides tutoring and supplemental instruction.
You can find them on campus in Forney Student Success Commons Suite 114, or contact them with questions at (336) 334-3878 or

The Writing Center offers one-on-one assistance in improving your written assignments before you submit them.

The University Speaking Center helps you prepare for in-class presentations and improve your public speaking skills.

The Math Help Center offers tutoring for MAT 183, MAT 184, MAT 190, MAT 196, and STA 108.

Keep Learning offers resources on how to prepare for and excel in online classes.

MAC Foundations for Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry majors

Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry majors are required to take specific FYE 101: Succeed at the G classes to satisfy their MAC Foundations requirement.  Students in these majors should not change their FYE class. This course is designed to help new students transition successfully to academic and student life at UNC Greensboro.  Students will connect with the UNCG community, campus resources, and opportunities, while developing skills essential for academic success, and begin their journey to discover their own purpose and potential at the G.