Withdrawing for a class


College of Arts and Sciences Advising

Withdrawing for a class

February 21, 2018

After the initial add/drop period during the first week of the semester, students may no longer drop a class penalty free.  They may, however, still withdraw from the class until a set date mid-semester.  Withdrawing from a class before the final day to withdraw free will not impact the student’s GPA.  There will simply be a ‘W’ on the academic transcript.  The exact last date to withdraw is listed in the academic calendar for that semester, which can be found here.  Students may only withdraw from 16 credit hours during their undergraduate career.

If a student chooses to withdraw after the date listed in the academic calendar, they will receive a ‘WF’ on their transcript, which will impact their GPA as if they received an ‘F’ in the course.