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College Additional Requirement Appeal

Appeals of the College Additional Requirements will only be considered in the most exceptional circumstances when otherwise qualified students submit strong evidence that they have done everything within their power to meet the requirement as is written but have encountered circumstances beyond their control that have made it impossible for them to do so.

Reasons that do not merit an appeal of the College Additional Requirements include:

  • Change of major
  • Concerns about grade point average
  • Dislike of requirement
  • Student delayed addressing requirement so long that graduation is now delayed.
  • Misunderstanding of degree requirements
  • Differences between College of Arts and Sciences requirements and requirements at previous institutions

Reasons that might merit an appeal of the College Additional Requirements include:

  • Failure to satisfy requirement successfully after having taken full advantage of all academic support offered, including instructor support, OARS support, tutoring, study groups, etc. in more than one course
  • Institutional error in the form of advisor misinformation, inaccurate Degree Works Report, inaccurate Course Schedule listings, etc.
  • Student had planned adequate time to address all degree requirements but then encountered unavoidable course scheduling conflict, making it impossible to satisfy all outstanding requirements in the final semester as planned
  • Learning or Physical Disability for which there is no workable accommodation
  • Providing compelling argument with strong evidence that student has met the spirit of the College Additional Requirement with other coursework

If you think that your circumstances merit an appeal of one of the College Additional Requirements, please email College Appeal Committee from your UNCG email account with your Name, Major, and the requirement you would like to appeal.