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Degree Requirements

A bachelor’s degree from UNC Greensboro is awarded to a student who has met the following requirements:

  1. Successful completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours, distributed as follows:
    1. General education core (GEC): 36–37 s.h. (minimum)
    2. General education marker courses (may also satisfy General Education core and/or major requirements)
    3. Additional College/School requirements
    4. Major subject and related areas: as required by program
    5. Electives: as required by program

    Total minimum s.h.: 120

  2. A grade point average on the semester hours attempted of not less than 2.0
  3. At least 36 s.h. of courses at the 300 course level or above
  4. At least 31 s.h. in residence at UNC Greensboro, 12 of which must be in the major field and nine (9) of which must be in the minor if a minor is sought

The College of Arts and Sciences has structured individual degree programs to comply with this university degree framework. Additional information regarding all University requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Course Bulletin.