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College of Arts and Sciences Advising


Who we advise

CASA advises all students in the College of Arts and Sciences with fewer than 30 (29 or less) earned credit hours. All other students are advised in their major departments. Instructions for finding your advisor are found here.

What we do

CASA’s mission is to support first year students in their transition to a college environment and to teach individuals how to navigate their degree requirements. We help students plan out their semesters, learn how to register, fill out graduation plans, and how to find additional resources on campus.

For Parents

For information on the laws governing the release of students’ education records, please visit the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities’ website here.

At CASA, our advisors support first year students in the College of Arts and Sciences in their transition to a college environment.  We teach students how to understand and navigate degree requirements and course options, take advantage of support services, and encourage students to adopt a professional and proactive approach to lifelong learning.  CASA advisors empower students to make the most of their liberal arts education as they acquire skills needed to meet the challenges of a complex and changing world.

As students are preparing to make impactful decisions about their academic careers, family members can have a positive impact through their support.  We encourage families to:

  • Communicate with the student.
  • Encourage their student to take a proactive role in their academic decisions.
  • Encourage their student to see their advisors regularly.  Directions on how students can make an appointment may be found here.
  • Encourage your student to interact with their professor, especially if they have any concerns about the coursework.
  • Review the final exam schedule with your student.
  • Encourage your student to sign up for tutoring, supplemental instruction, and career services consultations.

On this webpage you will also find resources detailing the limits on information that our advisors can share about our students due to FERPA, and also resources for if you are concerned about the safety or well being of your student.