CASA Advisors


Nancy Bucknall, Director

103D Foust Building

B.A. in English & Philosophy from the University of Central Arkansas. M.A. in English from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

I’ve been teaching at UNCG for over 20 years, and have been Director of CASA for 16 of those years. The best part about working in CASA is getting to work with 1st year students who have such ambition, talent, and curiosity driving them to learn more about the world. My hobbies include reading (especially North Carolina writers), hiking (especially in the North Carolina mountains), martial arts, and spoiling my cats.

Caitlin Saraphis, Associate Director

103K Foust Building

B.A. in History and English, UNC Greensboro 2007. M.A. in European History, UNC Greensboro 2009.

I have worked with CASA during SOAR since 2008, and now work full-time as an advisor. My faculty appointment is in the History department, where I teach pre-modern History courses such as Western Civ and Medieval Legacy. My interests include plagues, purgatory, and picking fights with the History Channel.


Eleanor Cowen, Assistant Director

103C Foust Building

B.A., University of Georgia, Master of Communication, Georgia State University. Media credits include working for National Geographic Television and Discovery Communications as an Assistant Editor/Sound Editor, and a variety of roles in narrative, commercial, and industrial productions.

I worked as Post-Production Manager in the School of Filmmaking at UNC School of the Arts, and taught in the School of Communications at Elon University before coming to CASA. In addition to academic advising, I teach in the Media Studies department at UNCG.

Christopher Jordan, Assistant Director

103B Foust Building

B.A. and M.A. in Communication Studies at UNC Greensboro.

I have worked with CASA during SOAR since 2017, and now work full-time as an advisor. My faculty appointment is in the Communication Studies Department, where I teach an introductory Communication Studies course. My interests are in interpersonal and positive communication. My hobbies include gaming, swimming, and travel.


Jeff Colbert, Advisor

414 Graham Building

I am a two-time alumnus of UNC Greensboro (B.A. in Political Science–December, 1984/Masters in Public Affairs–May, 1986) and I began teaching at UNC Greensboro in Spring, 1988. I principally teach PSC 100, 105, and 210, but I also regularly teach in the Warren Ashby Residential College and in the Freshman Seminar Program. I have served as an academic advisor at UNC Greensboro for more than 20 years. My daughter graduated from UNC Greensboro with an Elementary Education degree and her husband is a UNC Greensboro alumnus as well (Computer Science). I am an avid UNC Greensboro Spartan fan and can be frequently seen (and heard) at UNC Greensboro athletic events! My wife and I are active members of Cornerstone Baptist Church.
 Nicholson Sprinkle

Nicholson Sprinkle, Assistant Director

103L Foust Building

 Double UNC Greensboro Alumnus: B.A. in Anthropology and Communication Studies M.A. in Communication Studies.

I began working as an advisor in 2015 and came onto the CASA team full-time in 2016. I teach in the Communication Studies department, focusing on social theory, resilience, rhetoric, and public speaking. My hobbies including backpacking, triathlon, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, gaming, and hanging out with my cats.


Robin Maxwell, Advisor

325 Sullivan Science Building

B.A. and M.A. in Biology at UNC Greensboro. I teach Microbiology, Invertebrate Zoology, and General Biology. I have taught and advised at UNC Greensboro for 32 years, in addition to moonlighting teaching in a Physician Assistant program, doing research in microbial contamination of a consumer product, and grading AP exams for College Board.

I am currently the Chair of the Health Careers Advisory Committee and Director of the Post-Bac Pre-Med Program, so I help students trying to get into medical, dental, veterinary, and other schools as they plan, prepare, and apply to the program of their choice.


Margaret Hood, Advisor

323 Sullivan Science Building

B.S. in Marine Biology from Auburn University. M.S. in Biology from UNC Greensboro.

I am the anatomy lab coordinator, and I teach introductory biology courses for majors and non-majors as well as physiology and anatomy labs. I have been an academic advisor for CASA since 2006.


Amy Ernstes, Advisor

417 Graham Building

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) from Loyola University Chicago. M.A. in Sociology from UNC Greensboro.

I have worked with CASA for several years, starting in 2008 as a graduate assistant and SOAR advisor, while earning my MA here at UNCG. I started teaching in the Sociology Department in 2013, and now also work with CASA as an academic advisor. I find Sociology fascinating (and important; one of my favorite topics is Intersectionality) and I love teaching and its opportunity for me to introduce students to what it means to think sociologically. Working with students is what makes my work personally meaningful, and I especially appreciate the enthusiasm and ambition of first year students!


Tracy Howell, Advisor

116 Petty Building

Tracey H. Howell is a mathematics educator in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNC Greensboro.  She has been a member of the department since 1998 and enjoys teaching introductory undergraduate mathematics classes as well as classes for pre-service teachers.  She advises first year mathematics majors and serves as the faculty advisor for the student chapter of the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Her research focuses on instructional practices that support students’ mathematical argumentation, instruction in highly-impacted schools, and teacher learning of students’ mathematical thinking. She is also interested in undergraduate mathematics learning and technology in mathematics education.